Tyre Design

Tyre Design

Engineering and developing tyres is an advanced and demanding science, which is why Toyo has developed its own sophisticated computer software, Dynamic Stability Optimised Contact II, or DSOC II.

DSOC II allows us to create a new tyre in ‘virtual reality’, then ‘test’ it inside the computer.

This means we can experiment with different construction techniques and different materials without ever having to build a real tyre.

This allows our engineers tremendous freedom to try out fresh ideas, and to know very quickly whether or not they work.


How Does DSOC II Work?

Huge amounts of data are stored in the software, relating to all aspects of the way a tyre is made and how it behaves on the road.

DSOC II is able to predict the effect a single change to one particular piece of the tyre has on all the other elements.

For instance, the tension of the belts that lie underneath the tyre’s tread have a major influence on the ride quality and the size of the ‘contact patch’ - that’s the tyre’s footprint, the part of it that’s physically on the ground at any one time.

With DSOC II, our engineers can alter the tension of the belts ‘on screen’ then simulate how the tyre will react in all situations. That’s how we know that by increasing the tension of the belt running along the centre of the tread, cornering stability is greatly improved.

DSOC II is helping take us ever-closer to finding the optimum relationship between comfort and roadholding.

With each step forward that we take, our improved tyres are punishingly tested at Toyo’s gruelling proving grounds, and run for thousands and thousands of miles on the open road, before being deemed worthy to be passed on to you, our customers.

There’s no such thing, yet, as the perfect tyre, but with the able assistance of DSOC II, we’re working on it.

The Make Up of a World-Class Tyre

Every Toyo tyre benefits from our huge investment in the very latest tyre design and technology. That’s why they not only have superb grip in the wet or dry, but also feel safe and stable, produce the minimum amount of noise, and have a long life.

They also feature a number of technical highlights that demonstrate Toyo’s thorough understanding of how tyres are used and what you, the customer, expects and needs from them. Here are just a few of our innovations.

Rim Flange Protector

Alloy wheels are expensive items, so you don’t want to scrape them against kerbs. Many Toyo high performance tyres have a protruding lip, a rim flange protector, at the point where the wheel rim and tyre meet. So if you happen to make a mistake (we’re all human, after all), it’s the tyre’s rubber ridge, rather than your costly alloy wheel, that takes the knock.

Spiral Winding Construction For Lower Noise and Improved Ride Quality

Underneath the tread blocks of your average radial tyre are a number of steel belts running around the circumference of the tyre. These belts each have a join line where they splice together to form a hoop, and these join lines can have an adverse effect on ride quality, noise, and high-speed stability. To overcome this problem, Toyo engineers have developed a unique Spiral Winding technology. This consists of a continuous band of 15mm nylon cord wound around the circumference of the tyre, that covers over the belts’ join lines. The result is that our H, Z and W speed-rated tyres will give you a comfortable ride, be easy on your ears, and offer outstanding high speed stability and predictability.